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Pop This! FAQ

Q) What operating systems does Pop This! support?
A) All version of Windows

Q) What Browsers does Pop This! support?
A) Internet Explorer version 5.01 and higher

Q) Will Pop This! support other browsers?
A) Unfortunately, no, the technologies needed are not available in browsers such as Netscape. There are alternative popup stoppers for these browsers around.

Q) I've install Pop This! but I'm still getting popups, even when Internet Explorer is not open! Help!
A) There are programs known as "Trojan ad-servers" which can be installed with various shareware and freeware application without your knowledge. You might have one of these programs running on your machine.

To remove the most common ad trojans, download and run a full scan using Ad-Aware. If Ad-aware fixes your problem, I'd highly recommend you purchase their professional version so they can continue delivering a free version to the masses.

For a list of common ad-trojans and the programs that install them, take a look at the master list on cexx.org.

Q) I get ads that look like this on XP or 2K, even when Internet Explorer is closed, why isn't Pop This! working on these types of ads?

A) You can disable this type of advertising by installing version 3.0 of Pop This!, or you can manually disable these by turning off the Windows NT Admin Messenger Service. (Note, this is different from the Messenger chat client from MSN.) Messenger Service is an old NT background service program. It's usually used by Network Administrators on corporate networks to communicate with employees.

How to Disable Messenger Service
  • Click Start > Setting > Control Panel > Administrative Tools > Services

  • In the right pane, scroll down to Messenger.

  • Double click Messenger and click the General tab.

  • Under Service Status: click the Stop button.

  • In the Startup Type drop down box, select Disable or Manual

  • Click Apply or OK.

Q) I Keep getting these little dialogs about script errors that ask me if I wish to debug, what's up?
A) When web sites create pop-ups, they often "inject" information into them from other browser windows. If Pop This! prevented one of these pop-ups, the parent site may experience JavaScript errors when sending information to a pop-up that does not exist. To prevent these errors, disable Internet Explorer's JavaScript debugging feature.

To disable JavaScript Debugging, from any Internet Explorer window select Tools -> Internet Options -> Advanced and check the checkbox by the "Disable script debugging" option under the "Browsing" category.

Q) I'm still getting ads!
A) Is Pop This! installed? (Open the Pop This Options dialog to be sure) If Pop This! is running and your still getting popups, please email the offending web site to popthis 'at' mathies dot com. Note PopThis prevents popup ads from web sites displayed in Internet Explorer only.

Q) How do I uninstall the software?
A) The installer has both install and uninstall functionality built into it. After installation, it should have added an add/remove program group within the add/remove software control panel. If not, download the current installer from my site, and select "Uninstall" instead of install.

Q) Is Pop This! free for use in the corporate environment? I am an IT manager for a company of XX users. Can I install Pop This! on my corporate systems?
A) Go for it. The only restriction I place on Pop This! is that it can't be redistributed from any web site I haven't approved. If your interested in distributing Pop This! publicly or if you're interested in purchasing a re-branded version, please contact me.


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