S&P P/E Ratios

For anyone sitting on the sidelines wondering if they’ve missed out on something – S&P Price to earnings ratio.

I bought into this rally way back April, and sold in May. Wish I had seen the correlation between government security purchases and the run up back then, I probably would have stayed in longer. Regardless, I’m not really feeling as if I’ve missed out.

See this post by Steve for more data.

Do Overs

Where was I on December 9th? Hmm. Blowing off college courses, building a sega Genesis game copier from scratch in the hopes of getting rich, and planning a Christmas trip to Denver Colorado to visit family. The stock market did not exist in my world at the time. October 4th? Two months away from a move to San Francisco to take part in the dot com boom.

445 on the S&P, it’s right around the corner! Maybe this time around we’ll get things right? I doubt it.

Bond Bubbles

Enter the gods of government: the Treasury Dept. and Federal Reserve. Their task: get fearful investors out of the Treasury bond lifeboats, into the frigid high risk financial markets sea to the sinking USS FIRE Economy – where they can be put to work re-floating it.

The gods of government have so far taken a two-pronged approach: send rescue ships and boil the ocean.

Educational and entertaining.