Fun Friday Links

Some blogs you might not be subscribed too –

Your Pet’s Best Friend – A small town vet who blogs. Hat tip to Smays for the link. I’ve been subscribed to this for a while now, it’s not earth shattering stuff, but if you’re looking for yet another blog to help sooth your scientific curiosity about things, you might find YPBF fun to read from time to time.

If Charlie Parker Was a Gun Slinger – Seminal Images that’ll send you searching Google for answers.

LP Cover Lover – The title says it all.

Deep Sea News – Yet another scientific curiosity soother.

Who Killed Bambi – I can’t even begin to explain it, but it’s always interesting. (Some imagery NSFW)

Drew Barrymore

From drug using child star to resident Hollywood wild girl to production company CEO – Mrs. Drew Barrymore. Without a doubt, my favorite Hollywood starlet. She’s gone through many different looks and styles throughout her career, all of them amazing to see. These days she has this grown up, earthy California girl thing going on that just kills me. (Click through the images for the full experience.)

Drew also reminds me of Uma Thurman quite a bit as well as Madonna – all three are talented, intelligent and beautiful.

She’s also about to celebrate her 32nd birthday, and yep she’s single. 🙂 Happy birthday Drew!

Corn Fields

I came across a great blog which highlights excellent photography in Flickr called Flickr Memories. Tonight there was this great shot of a kid standing out in a corn field which totally took me back to when I was a kid growing up in wheat fields on the outskirts of Denver. If I ever have my own kids, this is the kind of place they’ll grow up in. Lots and lots of open space to roam and explore, with many things to discover that let their imaginations run wild. Cities aren’t the right environment for kids, they’re too restrictive, too dangerous, too confined. In the city kids explore, only that which was designed for them to explore.

These shots are from a place called Choteau, Montana. Looks like a nice place to live. There are plenty more photos where these came from.

Sasha Cohen

How does an Olympic skater fall twice in the long program and still take home the silver? By skating like Sasha Cohen. Watching all the other skaters one after another on the ice – they’re mechanical, calculative, and precise. But when Sasha steps out you see something completely different – she’s amazingly human, organic, beautiful. A piece of art draped in red velvet flowing across the ice. Sasha is without a doubt the most beautiful skater I’ve ever seen. It just goes to show that although athletic jumps are worth points, so is style, elegance and grace. In today’s broadcast one of the announcers said quote “a lot of skaters skate to Romeo and Juliet, but Sasha is Juliet.” How true.

Olympic Skating

Why does it seem that the commentators rarely have anything to say that’s positive? I wish one year every competitor gained a perfect 10.0 score, leaving the judges and the commentators in a conundrum. “Jeeze, she just didn’t get the height on that triple toe double combination with a lemon twist, how disappointing.” Well, as far as I’m concerned, if you pull off a triple toe double flip combination, or whatever, even if you stumble a little bit, you’ve got my respect. I trip up just walking down the street in my Cons sometimes. 🙂