Flood Pictures

Not much coverage on this in the national news AFAICT – seems everybody is concentrating on other topics. According to CNN, the hot topics of the day are “George Carlin”, West Nile Virus”, “Gas Prices”, “Iran”, and “Election Center”. I wonder if this has something to do with the folks being affected by the flooding.


Update – Those pictures were posted on Boston Globe’s new photo blog – The Big Picture.



Sex vs. Code

Flipping around digital cable, I land on HBO’s RealSex featuring some sort of expose’ on a national stripper competition for the best stripper in the US, or some such nonsense. In the office I have a compile going with a bunch of optimization stuff baked into it which is finishing up. So I hit pause on HBO, head into the office and start debugging… 20 minutes later my crappy Scientific Atlanta DVR runs out of buffer space and kicks back into play. I take a break from coding, head out into the living room and hit pause again… play kicks back in. I hit _record_ right, this is a show on strippers after all and I’m pretty sure it’ll be entertaining. SA’s DVR, like Tivo, has this horrible flaw where if the buffer is paused on a show but the show is already over in real-time, record will start on the next show, not the show I’ve buffered. So basically I have two choices, give up debugging for 20 minutes and watch the rest of RealSex, or kill the TV and go back to work.

Guess where I’m at right now. ๐Ÿ˜›

I am a total geek.

A Grand Evening Out

Imagery courtesy of the now defunct, Orangeblog.net – one of my old favorites. I was searching around trying to figure out what happened to Dieter Mueller and whether or not he’s blogging again, but I haven’t found much. There’s a nice personal web site for a german chef of the same name but I’m not even sure it’s the same guy. Anyway I recently imported all the imagery from the orangeblog.net archive into Vista Photo Gallery and have been going through it. I’ll probably post a little of the best imagery I find over time. Thankfully Dieter tagged every image so Vista can automatically categorizes everything, which makes digging through the archive a breeze. You can still check out a some of his old posts on the aggregate blog Don’t Click Me if your curious.