Flood Pictures

Not much coverage on this in the national news AFAICT – seems everybody is concentrating on other topics. According to CNN, the hot topics of the day are “George Carlin”, West Nile Virus”, “Gas Prices”, “Iran”, and “Election Center”. I wonder if this has something to do with the folks being affected by the flooding.


Update – Those pictures were posted on Boston Globe’s new photo blog – The Big Picture.



Sex vs. Code

Flipping around digital cable, I land on HBO’s RealSex featuring some sort of expose’ on a national stripper competition for the best stripper in the US, or some such nonsense. In the office I have a compile going with a bunch of optimization stuff baked into it which is finishing up. So I hit pause on HBO, head into the office and start debugging… 20 minutes later my crappy Scientific Atlanta DVR runs out of buffer space and kicks back into play. I take a break from coding, head out into the living room and hit pause again… play kicks back in. I hit _record_ right, this is a show on strippers after all and I’m pretty sure it’ll be entertaining. SA’s DVR, like Tivo, has this horrible flaw where if the buffer is paused on a show but the show is already over in real-time, record will start on the next show, not the show I’ve buffered. So basically I have two choices, give up debugging for 20 minutes and watch the rest of RealSex, or kill the TV and go back to work.

Guess where I’m at right now. 😛

I am a total geek.

A Grand Evening Out

Imagery courtesy of the now defunct, Orangeblog.net – one of my old favorites. I was searching around trying to figure out what happened to Dieter Mueller and whether or not he’s blogging again, but I haven’t found much. There’s a nice personal web site for a german chef of the same name but I’m not even sure it’s the same guy. Anyway I recently imported all the imagery from the orangeblog.net archive into Vista Photo Gallery and have been going through it. I’ll probably post a little of the best imagery I find over time. Thankfully Dieter tagged every image so Vista can automatically categorizes everything, which makes digging through the archive a breeze. You can still check out a some of his old posts on the aggregate blog Don’t Click Me if your curious.