Singer Songwriter Must Haves

Brenda Kahn’s – Hunger (1999). This and Epiphany in Brooklyn (1992, one of my favorite albums of all time) are must haves in my opionion. Hunger is deep, emotional and features some great spoken word too. Highly recommended. The album is out of production, so you’ll have to pick it up on eBay or through Amazon’s used sales. I found a copy (signed by the artist even) on Amazon for about $20.00 from a book store in Ohio.

Fun Friday Links

Some blogs you might not be subscribed too –

Your Pet’s Best Friend – A small town vet who blogs. Hat tip to Smays for the link. I’ve been subscribed to this for a while now, it’s not earth shattering stuff, but if you’re looking for yet another blog to help sooth your scientific curiosity about things, you might find YPBF fun to read from time to time.

If Charlie Parker Was a Gun Slinger – Seminal Images that’ll send you searching Google for answers.

LP Cover Lover – The title says it all.

Deep Sea News – Yet another scientific curiosity soother.

Who Killed Bambi – I can’t even begin to explain it, but it’s always interesting. (Some imagery NSFW)

3 Great Albums

I picked these albums out after perusing the artist list from the past two seasons of Showtime’s Weeds – which incidentally is a really great show. For the Jenny Lewis fans out there Rabbit Fur Coat will most likely become your new best favorite. Regina Spektor is amazing of course, and The Submarines are a fun, slightly less quirky, more refined Rilo Kiley – all recommended. If you’re curious check out the full list on the Weeds home page, where you can also enjoy versions of Malvina Reynolds‘ “Little Boxes” by various artists used for the second season intros.

Weed’s is currently available on Amazon Unbox in DVD quality, and is supported by Tivo.

Beastie Boys

As promised, “The Mix-Up,” due June 26 via Capitol, goes heavy on the groove, especially the splashing, crashing Meters-inflected funk the band has been consistently serving up since 1992’s “Check Your Head.” But there’s not a rhyme to be found.

“If we were trying to maximize our demographic or whatever, I’m not sure we’d come with an instrumental record right now,” says Michael “Mike D” Diamond, whose bad self runs things on the drum kit throughout the album. “But I think we have to give people who’ve been listening to us some credit. They’ve gone to different places with us already, in terms of the influences we bring to the music we make, so hopefully they’ll be able to hang with this curveball as well.”

The greatest album the beastie’s ever released, IMHO, was “The In Sound From Way Out!”, which was an instrumental released in 96 featuring tracks with a funky 70’s feel. Let’s hope they outdo themselves with The Mix-Up.


Timeless Albums

“Señores y señoras: nosotros tenemos más influencia con sus hijos que tú tienes, pero los queremos. Creados y regados de Los Ángeles, Juana’s Addicción!”.

Some albums are timeless. Ritual de lo Habitual is one of them. I pull this album out and listen to it every now and again. You wouldn’t think it was 16 years old. “Classic Girl” has to be one the greatest songs ever written.

Ritual was Jane’s Addiction’s 2nd major label release, making it’s debut in the summer of 1990. The album was banned by most major record stores due to “offensive” cover art. Perry Ferrell released an “amended” cover shortly after the first release, which was white and featured the band’s name, the title of the album, and the text of the First Amendment of the Constitution of the United States.

iTunes Downsampling Update

Well, basically, it doesn’t look like iTunes supports automatic down sampling. I did find one mention where apparently it supports it for the Shuffle, but I couldn’t find the same option in my options tabs for the Nano. I also checked out a couple 3rd party iPod access software packages like XPlay and they don’t support it either. If I want smaller files and more songs, I guess I have to duplicate all 50 gigs of music by converting it to a different format. That’s totally lame. Windows Media Player supports downsampling on the fly. My Cowan iAudio supported it. I’m really surprised Apple forgot to include such an incredibly useful feature like this.

I’d like to pick up a new player I guess, keep the Nano for the BMW. But $400.00?? Man, I thought mp3 players were supposed to be cheap. I’m not blowing $400 on something I’ll use less than a few weeks out of the year. I guess I’ll just have to hand pick a few albums to plunk into the Nano for Europe. Bummer.

Epitonic is Back

Epitonic is back from the dead! The new web site needs a lot of work, but wholly cow! They’re back! They’re selling music now too so who knows, maybe they’ll keep both feet out of the grave this time. Independent music rocks. We need more sites like Epitonic hoofing indie music.

Epitonic Returns!
blogeditor 04/07/2006 21:17

When Epitonic was founded way back in 1999, mp3 was still a vaguely exotic format, next to nobody was buying music online, and the iPod was only a glimmer in Steve Jobs’ eye. A lot has changed since then, as music fans have become exponentially more sophisticated about and comfortable with discovering and purchasing music online.

What has not changed is the relevance of a site like this one, which offers a friendly, enthusiastic, and discerning filter for the massive agglomeration of music on the Web. You need a friend in the wilderness, and that’s what we hope we can be for you, whether you’re a longtime user or you just stumbled across the site for the first time.

If you fall into the former camp, you’re doubtless aware that Epitonic has had its troubles staying afloat over the years, as the silence of the site over the past year and a half surely shows. But we still love what we do, and we know there are a lot of you out there who do too, and so we’ve made an effort not just to come back, but to come back better than ever.

As you can see, we’ve got a completely new look, as well as some new features, including the Epitonic player and the ability to purchase albums. We’re also rolling out new kinds of editorial in the Epicenter, and we’ve added this space, where we’ll keep you abreast of all the latest new from the world of independent music.

As always with site redesigns, there are bound to be hiccups. We invite you to take a look around and let us know if you spot any bugs or opportunities for improvement by emailing us at


The Editors