Meh. A trillion dollar science expedition headed up by a bunch of gung ho reckless buffoons? I think not. This film is filled with implausible situations that have you thinking, “you have got to be freaking kidding me!” and unexplained occurrences that never get tied together in the end. Special effects can’t cover up bad story writing.

Thus far there have only been two truly great aliens films, Alien and Aliens. Every film in the series after those totally sucked. Unfortunately Prometheus continues this trend.

Flood Pictures

Not much coverage on this in the national news AFAICT – seems everybody is concentrating on other topics. According to CNN, the hot topics of the day are “George Carlin”, West Nile Virus”, “Gas Prices”, “Iran”, and “Election Center”. I wonder if this has something to do with the folks being affected by the flooding.


Update – Those pictures were posted on Boston Globe’s new photo blog – The Big Picture.