Making Money Off Political Blogs

Jeez, I’m going to start a liberal blog. I’ll rant pointlessly all day, call people names, make wild accusations, blindly toe the party line, and make $11,000 a week doing it.

Moulitsas can afford to say crazy shit like that, because Democratic politicians view Daily Kos as an ATM machine and assembly line for grass-roots liberal activists. He charges $1,400 a week for ads and regularly sells 6-8 of them.

Here’s a breakdown on what some of the more popular bloggers generate through blogads. Blogads takes 30%, they are the real winners here.

Also, for fun, I had to look this up before I posted.

More Xbox Advertising

Dare makes some interesting points about Xbox advertising and points to some rather unconventional “Jump In” Xbox commercials. I’m not a big fan of these, although water balloons is kinda cool. I much prefer the hipper “Jump In” Japanese ads I linked to previously. Apparently some Xbox commercials have been playing here in the states, but I haven’t caught one yet. Shouldn’t MS be blanketing the networks with these about now? I’m not quite sure why they aren’t. Cool advertising is pointless if it isn’t out there. How many Video iPod ads have I seen lately? Tons. But no Xbox ads. Whats’s up with that?