A note to all my fellow C++ / Windows dev geeks out there – the April 2005 Platform SDK does not support Visual Studio 6.0. Also note, installing the April release will uninstall previous releases, so if your still working on projects that use VC6 and an older SDK, consider upgrading your project to a newer development environment before moving to the April release. If you can’t do that, don’t install the April release, it’ll probably break your link. I’ve managed to get some stuff to link with the April release and VC6, but other projects are representing more of a challenge. With subsequent releases of the SDK, it’ll only get worse. So it looks like it’s finally time to upgrade all of the projects and to say a final goodbye to VC 6.0. (sniff) When I think of all the code I’ve developed over the last ten years with this app, wow, it blows my mind. I’ve spent more time with VC6 than any other app except maybe Internet Explorer. Definitely one hell of a development environment.

Dare on Bray

Dare takes a shot at Tim Bray over his griping about the Office XML formats. I think Dare makes an excellent point:

I find it extremely ironic that one of the driving forces behind creating a redundant and duplicative XML format for website syndication would be one of the first to claim that we only need one XML format to solve any problem. For those who aren’t in the know, Tim Bray is one of the chairs of the Atom Working Group in the IETF whose primary goal is to create a competing format to RSS 2.0 which does basically the same thing.

From Brays Thought Experiement:

The capabilities of ODF and O12X are essentially identical for all this basic stuff. So why in the flaming hell does the world need two incompatible formats to express it? The answer, obviously, is, “it doesn’t”.

Indeed Tim, why do we need competing standards? Since Atom came before RSS 2.0, the balls in your court buddy.

Colts and Broncos


“It’s getting to be a habit for Indianapolis, the 11th team ever to go 11-0 and the first since Denver in 1998. The Colts have beaten three of their main AFC competitors — the Patriots, Bengals and Steelers (7-4) — in a span of four weeks.”

With the exception of the Titans, the Colts have a tough schedule ahead, the Steelers were not the best the league has to throw at them –

3-8 Titans
8-3 Jaguars
7-4 Chargers
9-2 Seahawks

The game I’m looking forward to is the Seahawks at the end of the regular season. Seatle is now 9 and 2 and leads the NFC. (I’m rooting for any team against the Colts, if they go into the Super Bowl unbeaten, they’ll be hard to beat. )

Denver on the other hand has a pretty easy schedule, but I’m not convinced Plummer has what it takes to go all the way. Sure he’s not throwing interceptions that much anymore, but he’s still no Elway.

Watching the Colts game last night, I was impressed at how well the Colts’ defensive line was able to stop the run. Denver has a pretty good running game, which they depend on quite a bit. If that gets shut down, they could be in real trouble. I have nightmares of the two Broncos Super Bowl blowouts of 88 and 90. But who knows, they might just pull it out like they did in thier back to back showings of 98 and 99.

UPDATE Gary points out in the comments that I’m NFL illiterate – the Colts and Broncos can’t play in the Super Bowl because they are both in the AFC. (Broncos are in the West Division and the Colts are in the South.) So looks like it might be the Broncos and Colts in the AFC championship game, with the winner going on to play the Seahawks for SuperBowl 40.

Go Broncos!