Beauty Is In The Eye Of The Beholder

I find it interesting that I often see similarities in the features of women I am most attracted too. I’m not talking about the features we tend to lust after – I’m talking about the features of the women we perceive as being truly beautiful. I wonder what it is that defines what we find attractive and how we manage to subconsciously filter these features out?

I’m A Windows Man

Do you remember Windows 3.0? I can sit down today and write a basic program on Vista using the same APIs available to Windows developers in 1990. Do you remember Mac OS? That was the development environment of Apple for over 15 years. A lot of people invested a lot of time learning that environment, unfortunately though when Jobs took over Apple and announced Mac OS’s successor OSX, those years of investment were rendered obsolete.

The first computer I ever sat in front of was an Apple ] [. I spent 5 years of my life investing every free moment learning everything I could about that machine. Shortly after I graduated from high school, Steve Jobs announced the Apple ] [ was to be replaced by a brand new computer named the Macintosh. The ] [ era was over and my time and energy were, apparently, a waste. Adding insult to injury, development on the Mac was not ‘free’; it required a costly computer and expensive development software I had to purchase exclusivly from Apple. The days of “call -151” were over. Se La Vie. I abondoned computer science for over 5 years because of this.

People wonder why Microsoft owns 97% of the market and Apple owns 2.5%. Contrary to popular believe it’s not due to a deal with IBM or a deal with PC makers over a browser, it’s because Microsoft has never once alienated their developer base.

Also note, as the saying goes, history repeats itself. Apple’s current operating system will remain the ‘in thing’ at Apple for as long as it remains the apple of Steve Jobs’ eye. Once something better comes along the time and investment on the part of Apple’s development community will no longer be valued. OSX is, well, obsolete. Jobs just hasn’t made the announcement yet.

That’s the funny thing about the Apple user base. They are the most devout, and yet, they live in a world where they know their leaders will ultimately screw them. Go figure.