The iPhone

Well I won’t rehash things too much. Kudos to Apple for this device, it’s nice to see them pushing the envelope. There are a number of devices out there comparable to this, albeit pen controlled rather than touch screen. Since no one except Job’s has actually put a finger to the screen to see how easy it is to use, I’ll hold off an passing any judgments. Most notable was the UI which, while obviously jacked up in Photoshop for the presentation, looked slick. Kudos again to Apple Computer.

I’m impressed Apple managed to cram OSX into something running on, what probably an ARM processor? They definitely took a page from Microsoft on that one. I’m curious to see if Apple developers will be able to develop apps for the device, hopefully using the same API’s they are accustomed to in developing OSX applications for Mac computers. Microsoft pioneered this approach and I’m curious to see if Apple follows suit.

Overall, I’m most impressed with the size, while still big by cell phone standards, the fact that they shrunk all that hardware down into a device this size is impressive. It feels like they jumped into the future and pulled back some futuristic technology to leverage. I imagine cell phone manufacturers are asking the same questions. Again, hard to say having not held the device. Time will tell once the techno geek review blogs actually get a hold of it.

My biggest “surprise” (which really wasn’t a surprise really because I’ve been thinking about this for a while) was the fact that “Computer” was dropped from Apple’s name. That is significant. Apple really has moved into the consumer electronics space more and more, with their computer revenue representing a dwindling source of income compared to other products. I have to wonder what that signifies long term for Apple, Inc..

On a completely unrelated note, the company I work for (and mostly thanks to my uber cool boss) hooked me up with a brand new MacBook Pro to start out the new year. So far it’s working well as a door stop in my office, but I’ll hopefully find some more interesting uses for it during the year. No doubt I’ll be posting my rants here about the experience in time. 😛