Vista, On A Mac

The OS is dark and handsome. It’s really quite exciting. Like the Zune’s interface, it’s artfully done. The beautifully-rendered shadow effects and transparency give Vista a greater “depth” than OS X, which looks a little flat and well… old fashioned in comparison. I know this is because Vista’s new and novel, but it makes OS X look dated.

We’ll have to wait and see what Leopard has in store (an ‘illuminating’ rip off of Vista perchance, hmm?), but for the time being, Cult Of Mac diehard Leander Kahney likes Vista, on his Mac.

Now what should I do with this funny macbook I have sitting here… hmm. Too bad there’s no ‘right click’, otherwise I might follow Leander’s lead and put it to good use.

At The Top, It’s Hard To Keep The Lead

(stats show) Google with 3.035 billion searches in December, up 22.6% from the year before, and Yahoo with 1.412 billion searches, up 30.1% from December 2005. This is kind of shocking, given that conventional wisdom is that Google is outpacing Yahoo, as the Y! slowly falls behind.


Which is always a good thing if you believe in ‘the markets’. I wonder what odds Microsoft has defied in maintaining a 95%+ market share over the years. Regardless of which platform is on the rise – the computer install base is increasing fast so.. business is good, no matter what platform you choose to develop on.

Upgrade To Vista?

While the tech pundits rustle the bushes, the tech enthusiasts are still sitting on the sidelines waiting for the hardware. Due to bleeding edge hardware requirements, Vista isn’t an “upgrade” it’s a “buy a new computer” operating system. Shutter to think Microsoft would push the envelope, maybe they should have rolled out a minor upgrade instead. But that wouldn’t be good for the industry as a whole now would it.

For me, that graphic above is missing one important item – the ‘HD’ before the ‘TV’, and I’m not buying a new system until that changes.


Despite what sounds an aweful lot like a last gasp of desperation on the part of the anti-microsoft crowd, the most compelling operating system available today is out. Vista is finally here. Congrats to Microsoft, it was by all accounts a long time coming and apparently somewhat of a painful road but they made it. Every screen shot of this operating system I’ve seen impresses – the look and feel is just beautiful, the functionality incredible. I still can’t believe Vista has built-in PVR software man! Streaming HD to the living room in real-time, neat!

Personally I’ve stayed away from all the betas and alphas and RC2’s because I just didn’t want to spoil that first experience. I can’t wait.

Welcome to the WOW baby! Vista is here, … finally! YEAH!

Now if Dell would just release their dual-stream CableCARD ready system I can get started. 🙂