Extreme Moto Modding

I’ve been doing some research for work related to cell phone interfacing. In the process I’ve come across an amazing group of Motorola phone fanatics. ‘Extreme moto modding’ involves hacking the firmware and settings of your Motorola phone in order to modify the default functionality and look and feel of the operating system. It reminds me a lot of what kids used to do to their cars in high school, only these kids are deep into the technology and low level programming of their phones. Some good examples include altering buttons on the RAZR so each one plays a different MP3 and adding slick animations and sounds to the interfaces. They also have a hip lingo that shows up in their forum posts. Pretty interesting stuff. Dig into the forums on MotoModders.net for a peak into thier world.

One additional worthy mention – one guy known as “s5vi” wrote a Windows desktop application for interfacing to the USB interface in Motorola’s interface software. He wrote the whole application in inline assembly. I guess it’s the only language he knew. That’s about as crazy as it is cool. 🙂

PS3 Problems

But so far, response has been mixed for PlayStation 3. While Sony says that it has met its targets of shipping 1 million units in each of the two markets, analysts have pointed to signs of disappointing sales.

On my last visit to Best Buy a couple weeks ago, there were about 20 PS3’s stacked on the showroom floor collecting dust. I’ll have to get back and check to see if the’re still there this weekend. If Sony dropped the price point down into the $300.00 range, I’m sure they would start to move. Unfortunately the current price is just too high for ‘too little bang’ at this point.