Blog Spam

Interesting blurb on Search Engine Journal by Loren Baker regarding the no follow tag. I like Baker’s 7th point –

“No-follow is a poor search engine’s solution to conceal its own failure to rank websites appropriately. What’s next, No-linking?”

Baker makes a number of excellent points. The gist – the no follow tag really hasn’t addressed the problem it was designed to and may well have created new ones. It certainly hasn’t cut down on my blog spam problems. A little while back I resorted to the Akismet blog spam software, which works well, but also filters out legitimate comments. Of course if I don’t have Akismet’s heavy handed settings in place, I get spammed to death.

I find more and more evidence every day through search results that search engines are failing miserably at handling the problem. Even Google isn’t immune from spam, even when it’s coming from their own service. I came across a good example of this recently while doing some cell phone programming research. A certain set of keywords which were very specific to what I was looking for, synced in on a series of blogger spam blogs. There were over 3 pages of them advertising cell phones for sale. While the spam blogs were gone from blogger, they were not gone from Google’s index. More importantly, the keywords I was using really did target the information I was looking for, yet, all the search engines failed to pick up on the results I wanted. I run into this more and more every day, which makes me think the whole link relationship system is flawed and will ultimately have to be scrapped for something better.