Vista Selling Well

I guess all the FUD about slow Vista sales was wrong – 20 million copies in a month and counting. I wish I had posted something I noticed two weeks ago on a trip to Best Buy – the Vista and Office 2007 shelves were empty. Unfortunately I didn’t have my cell, so I couldn’t snap a shot. At the time there were a lot of reports saying Vista wasn’t selling, so I thought it was a fluke. Looks like the doomsday proclaimers were wrong. Maybe I’ll go back this weekend to see how things are going.

Personally I still haven’t upgraded – I’m still waiting on Dell’s home media suite to be released.

NetFlix CEO Joins MS BOD

Reed Hastings, chairman and chief executive of NetFlix just joined Microsoft’s board of directors. With the stars aligning around combined living room media hubs and movie download services, this might indicate another winning salvo from Microsoft in the war for living room dominance.

NetFlix has a massive content library – over 70,000 titles, and a huge customer base with over one billion in revenue. I wonder if Microsoft is kicking around the idea of buying them? Combining NetFlix with eleven million and growing 360 users and Live Video Marketplace? There’s definitely some synergy there – NetFlix is in need of a media hub they can link too, and Microsoft is in need of a massive content library. Both companies have strong customer bases to rely on.

Hastings is scheduled to give a keynote address titled “The Transformation of the Movie Rental Industry” at the Internet Retailer Conference & Exhibition, June 6 in San Jose. Might be a good idea to tune in for that.