The iPhone

Yep. That’s pretty slick. The gestures look really nice. The browser looks neat – it beats other cell browsers available. I might actually pick one of these up. Too bad you can’t develop apps for it though. I also wish it synced email instead of downloading it. That makes it pretty worthless for email. Hmm. So, it’s a phone, it has a nice browser, it plays music. I guess I honestly don’t need my email on my cell. But I do need my entire contact list on it, which is currently stored in Outlook. It can’t sync that either according to initial reports. Man, that sucks. So close, and yet it’s still just a novelty. Why didn’t Apple go the distance? Why is the software so limited when it comes to integration? Big drawbacks. Hitting on six cylinders instead of eight.

Update – I just picked up another iPhone ad while watching The Riches. The delay in keyboard response looked really bad. (This was an Apple ad and it still looked bad) Hmm. Second guesses… No email inbox sync support, no contacts sync support, and the keyboard looked, well, lacking. Maybe I jumped to a conclusion. I also noticed the Google maps applet didn’t give any feedback when the user pushed the ‘pin’ button. Something tells me my original guess on this phone might have been correct. Did Apple try to pack too much software into hardware that couldn’t support it? I wonder if savvy consumers will pick up on this. I’d bet they will.

Update – Yep. I played it back a few times. Delayed feedback in input response. I think I’ll hold off – it’ll be interesting to see what the public response will be, especially considering the price. I’m amazed these UI deficiencies show up in the advertising. Apple’s really good at simple interfaces for devices that do simple tasks like playing video and music. Complex interfaces though, well, they seem to have some things to learn. This makes sense though – up until now Apple really hasn’t had to sell their products on functionality, they sell them on their award winning industrial design. That’s going to change with this new device. It’ll have to look pretty, and function well. Based on their advertising, I’m not convinced they’ve pulled it off.