Quote Of The Day

The silliest thing about all these reality deniers is that a recession — a normal, cyclical event — is actually healthy for the economy over the long run.

Consider how many of our current problems are due to ill-considered poorly thought attempts to avoid a cyclical recession. Not only is our mess man-made, but it was totally unnecessary.


I agree. Stimulus packages, the FED’s knee jerk reactions, buy outs, etc.. what a joke. Just let the cycle play out. Free markets will in time set things straight. The sooner things swing down and then around, the better off we’ll be. I was a surprised with Bush’s latest budget, honestly I wouldn’t mind of congress sliced it to shreds. The federal government needs to stop spending so damn much money and not try to manipulate the situation for political gain. (Both sides of the isle are guilty of that.) The good news I suppose is that no matter what Washington tries to do, the economy seems to be making it’s own decisions regardless.

Microsoft Plus Yahoo!

No synergy on the backend. A lot of Yahoo! engineers will find themselves wanting a new job. The eyeballs and the combined IP, if they can make it work, will be worth the price tag.

I’ve been an avid My Yahoo user for well over 10 years. I’ll never switch, and I certainly wouldn’t complain about a Microsoft logo up there on the top somewhere. (Just so long as the page continues to render as fast as it does today.) I would also LOVE more integration with the apps I use on my desktop.

This could work really well, or it could fail in a really big way. Time will tell.

The McCain Bloggette

Salon Link and Link. Lots of good family info in the first.

“Very heavy,” deadpans father McCain, 71, when asked what he thinks of the blog. He then shoots a knowing look to his spokeswoman. “Some of it is hard for me to understand. A lot of heavy issues, you know.” But does he approve of his daughter showing off her tattoo and boasting about her taste for Tom Waits? “She’s having fun,” he continues. “I want her to enjoy the campaign. It’s once in a lifetime. And then I want her to get a job.”

– John McCain

Nice quote. So far I like this guy and his family quite a bit. I still have a lot of reading to do, but so far he’s the right choice for 08. One of my concerns at this point is his age, his V.P. appointment will be very important. I sense it’ll be Huck, but I’d rather it not be. I’d prefer he choose another moderate like himself.

On the side – Clinton is still way ahead in all the states that count, as is McCain. McCain also leads Clinton in the national polls by a few points. Looks to be a good matchup. It’s hard to believe this is still January!