Web 2.0 Conference

Interesting post by Dare on the discussions at the Web 2.0 conference on events and the new “eventsphere.” I’m not convinced that events are that pervasive of an issue, but it is interesting how RSS / pings are being re-factored to support other types of data. Dare also mentions some interesting discussions on microformats and their detection. This is something I’m very interested in as I look at ways to improve upon the basic RSS aggregator client. In fact, I was originally thinking that aggregators didn’t need integrated browsing, since the browser is simply for display of web pages. But now I realize that the browser and the aggregator, or the combination of the two, may need to detect these and other data objects in feeds and web pages, and migrate the information they contain into other applications. One of the basic problems with the 1.0 aggregator is that it is, by in large, quite dumb, and isolated from the rest of the user’s data. As RSS advances, the amount of information flowing through the RSS pipe will increase as well. Simply viewing a feed just isn’t going to cut it for long.

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