.NET Going Shared Source

We’ll begin by offering the source code (with source file comments included) for the .NET Base Class Libraries (System, System.IO, System.Collections, System.Configuration, System.Threading, System.Net, System.Security, System.Runtime, System.Text, etc), ASP.NET (System.Web), Windows Forms (System.Windows.Forms), ADO.NET (System.Data), XML (System.Xml), and WPF (System.Windows). We’ll then be adding more libraries in the months ahead (including WCF, Workflow, and LINQ). The source code will be released under the Microsoft Reference License (MS-RL).
VS 2008 will include support to automatically retrieve the appropriate .NET Framework source files on demand from Microsoft.

The entire UI library for Forms and WPF. Sounds like this will inlcude all the custom .NET forms controls, including toolbars and the like. Friggin’ cool!


One thought on “.NET Going Shared Source

  1. “It’s hard to say what the incentive was for this move, it could be that .NET adoption in the developer community has been so small that a drastic step was needed or this could be a strategy to prepare for a big push of SilverLight, Microsoft’s new runtime for Rich Internet Applications. The .NET framework is also at the center of Vista, which so far no one has wanted to use at length.”


    “Microsoft will give developers a view into the source code but won’t let them touch it. ”


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