ATI vs. nVidia For Vista

“That huge bundle of damning emails and documents Microsoft produced as part of the Vista-capable lawsuit is full of fascinating information about how the company developed, planned, and launched Vista, but the latest juicy nugget to come out if it suggests that a lot of problems faced by the troubled operating system are actually NVIDIA’s fault — nearly 30% of logged Vista crashes were due to NVIDIA driver problems, according to Microsoft data included in the bundle.”


I switched from an nVidia card to to an ATI card that fit in my mini-form a while back, so far it’s been completely stable. If you have a Dell XPS 210, I highly recommend the Vision Tek X1300 or its successors. It fits the case just fine, the fan is silent with the case sealed up, and I’ve yet to have any crashes related to video drivers since installing it. No overheating problems either as far as I can tell. The card is recommended by Dell as an upgrade – you can purchase it through the “Accessories and Upgrades” section of the Dell Vista Support Center.

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