OSX Secure?

My old friend Steve seems to think Windows is less secure than OSX because Windows Office applications that support scripting environments are “full of scripting holes for viruses.” While I’ll agree that in the past these application have had security vulnerabilities, the current versions which are fully up to date do not. In fact if we take a look at the security vulnerabilities for Outlook 2003 over the last three years, there have been very very few, most non critical.

Excel 2003 doesn’t even have any vulnerabilities in the Secunia database.

Excel 2002 has had very few over the last three years:

And Microsoft Word seems pretty secure to me:


What I find most humorous about Steve’s rant, is that he must have somehow missed the recent exploits that have been found in OSX, particularly the critical scripting exploit in Safari that, according to Secunia, can be “exploited automatically via the Safari browser when visiting a malicious web site”.

In general, if we take a good look at OSX security record over the last few years we find it is far from stellar –


Of course, I can’t claim XP’s record is any better (it’s not), but considering the attention Windows gets compared to OSX, one has to wonder how bad it will get for OSX users if virus, trojan and worm writers start to pay more attention.

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