Daisy Progress

Well, after three weekends and some week nights I think I’m doing pretty good. This weekend I worked on a number of things. I’ve added favorite icon support, and I also added a nice icon chooser (shown in the shot below) so that users can choose a custom icon for any particular blog. I also got all the drag and drop functionality in the main feed tree view working, and finished up all the event work so that when something in Microsoft’s RSS feed store changes from another app, Daisy reflects that change. I also worked out some bugs related to renaming, deleting, and moving feeds and folders.

The geek’esk property grid is gone, and I’ve added some nicer icons in some places. I also managed to get double buffering turned on for all interfaces, so animations are nice and smooth with no chatter. I also implemented my idea of fade up and down on all windows, something I wasn’t sure I was going to like but now I don’t understand why other developers haven’t made use of. It offers a much nicer user experience. Hmm, what else, I think thats about it. Next week I’m going to work on the feed item list in the upper right. I want that list control replaced with a nicer composite control that supports filtering, and sorting options, specifically:

item list grouping toggle switch:
– no grouping (straight list)
– daily groups: today, yesterday, two days ago, three days ago, last week
– read/unread groups: new, old

display filter toggle switch (which effect what’s in the preview pane)
– all, old, new, today, yesterday, last two days, last three days, this week, last week

This might be some work, depends on whether or not I can find a commercial control that I can buy and drop in, or develop the whole thing myself. After thats done, I’ll be moving up to work on the toolbar area, and hopefully get tabbed browsing going.

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