Hacking OSX in under 30 Minutes

Apparently, it’s pretty easy, with numerious unpublished exploits floating around.

“It probably took about 20 or 30 minutes to get root on the box. Initially I tried looking around the box for certain mis-configurations and other obvious things but then I decided to use some unpublished exploits — of which there are a lot for Mac OS X,” gwerdna told ZDNet Australia .

Apparently there are OSX security hardening guides you should follow. I wonder if Joe User could handle hardening his Mac Mini on his own? 😛


2 thoughts on “Hacking OSX in under 30 Minutes

  1. “Participants were given local client access to the target computer and invited to try their luck.”

    os x is fairly “hard” to the outside world thanks in large part to a kernal integrated firewall; however, Apple could certianly could offer the “joe user” more help and control over that.

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