PVRs and Change

PVRs represent change. I’m not convinced that all aspects of that change are going to be in a positive direction. I really can’t predict these things, I just don’t have the vision. What I do know is that television and advertising are going to be around for a while. Television, is going to be around for a while. Networks and their advertisers are going to find ways of dealing with the fast forward generation. How do you entice someone to fade their thumb over to the play button? Is it mom’s cleaning toilet bowls? Is it cars driving down roadways? Is it geeks hoofing computer geekery? No. The answer to the question is simple. The actor isn’t important, the dress doesn’t have to be identifiable. What’s required is the form, the curves, the color, the message. There’s a tired old line that goes, “sex sells.” This slogan represents the renewed direction of television and it’s advertisers in our ‘brave new world.’ I wonder what effect it will have on future generations.

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