iTunes Downsampling

Does anybody know how to set an option in iTunes that automatically down samples anything you drop onto your Nano? All my mp3s are 320KB/sec, but my Nano can only handle about 1/10th of my mp3 collection at this size. I’d like iTunes to downsample everything I drop into it so I can pack more music on my Nano.

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  1. It will work but you will need to convert the MP3 files using the AAC encoder reducing it down to 128kbps. Go to: Edit–>Preferences–>Click on the Advanced Tab and then the sub-tab “Importing”.

    More information can be found by clicking on “iTunes and Music Store Help”. Seach for the word “importing” and there is a whole section devoted to “About MP3 custom import options” which you might find useful.

    Good luck.

  2. I’d buy a second iPod before forcing myself to listen to everything I own at 128 kpbs.

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