iTunes Downsampling Update

Well, basically, it doesn’t look like iTunes supports automatic down sampling. I did find one mention where apparently it supports it for the Shuffle, but I couldn’t find the same option in my options tabs for the Nano. I also checked out a couple 3rd party iPod access software packages like XPlay and they don’t support it either. If I want smaller files and more songs, I guess I have to duplicate all 50 gigs of music by converting it to a different format. That’s totally lame. Windows Media Player supports downsampling on the fly. My Cowan iAudio supported it. I’m really surprised Apple forgot to include such an incredibly useful feature like this.

I’d like to pick up a new player I guess, keep the Nano for the BMW. But $400.00?? Man, I thought mp3 players were supposed to be cheap. I’m not blowing $400 on something I’ll use less than a few weeks out of the year. I guess I’ll just have to hand pick a few albums to plunk into the Nano for Europe. Bummer.

2 thoughts on “iTunes Downsampling Update

  1. All you have to do is to backup your mp3 directory and when you do an import from iTunes as I described earlier point to the new directory. When those songs get imported into the new encoding format you will still have your mp3 files which are in their original directory.

    iTunes does support “downsampling on the fly” the only issue that you seem to have an issue with is the format of the resulting downsampled file. If you make a copy of the original mp3 files you should be all set.

    About the only issue is you’ll have duplicate files taking up more hard drive space but who cares….

  2. You might test this but I just realized you may not have to do any of this for iTunes will do this for you! When you import, I believe iTunes effectively makes a copy of the imported mp3 file and it is the copy that actually gets downsampled depending upon the settings and then placed into the iTunes directory for synching to the Nano.

    So that should solve the problem. You have your original MP3 file as well as an imported downsampled AAC file for playing on your Nano.

    Not sure how “lame” that is if the goal here is to get music onto your Nano with downsampled files – who cares what format it is in?

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