IE7 Beta 3 RSS Platform Improves

Kudos the guys at Microsoft working on the RSS Platform. I fired up Daisy today for the first time since upgrading and found I needed to recompile due to changes. I’ve noticed a few really nice things already-

1) The FEEDS_EVENTS_SCOPE.FES_ALL is working for all children on the root folder. I’m not sure if this got fixed in Beta 2 or 3. With Beta 1 I was having to place events on every folder and every feed. (Mass select ugly event code – delete!)

2) Added Feed event delagates on the IFeedFolderEvent object. Man! Sweet! I was able to delete all the IFeedEvents_Event event code and simple set two event watchers – one for feeds, and one for all folders through the root folder object. Glad to see this finally working. This has totally cleaned up my event code. It’s also cleaned up the issuesI was having of file system locks on objects when moving, renaming, and deleting feeds and folders. Without needing to set events on every object in the system, there are no locks to deal with. (Mass select more ugly event code – delete!)

3) The naming conventions on properties are all cleaned up, thanks!

4) Seems like the performance has greatly improved. I’d like to see more work in this area, or possibly a FeedsList class for quick iteration of the feeds in the database. The performance hit Daisy takes when indexing every feed and folder at boot is a bit of a hit.

This weekend I’ll dig a little deeper and see what else has changed. Thanks guys!

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