Free Source Search Indexer Library

Hat tip to my friend Dru for pointing me to Lucene, and Lucene.NET – a free, fast search indexer written in .NET.


  • Very good performance
  • Ranked search results
  • Search query highlighting in results
  • Searches structured and unstructured data
  • Metadata searching (query by date, search custom fields…)
  • Index size approximately 30% of the indexed text
  • Can store also full indexed documents
  • Pure managed .NET in a single assembly
  • Localizable (support for Brazilian, Czech, Chinese, Dutch, English, French, German, Japanese, Korean and Russian included in DotLucene National Language Support Pack)
  • Extensible (source code included)
  • Lucene.Net is a port of Jakarta Lucene to .NET (C#) maintained by George Aroush

This thing is fast too! Nice. Ive been looking for a nice search indexer for Daisy and some other stuff I’m experimenting around with on the server side, this looks like an excellent solution so far. It’s licensed under the Apache Software License 2.0. I must be a little behind the times on this, considering I’m finding that Lucene implementations are the search technology behind web projects like Technorati, and desktop apps like Lookout (Now MS Desktop Search) Beagle, and RSS Bandit.

On a side note, I really love it when I find a free source library on the net that really works for what I’m doing. I think developers who work on these projects represent the truest form of altruism, unlike the more perverse forms of Open Source which adopt licenses like the GNU GPL. I’ve developed one free source library myself, and enjoyed the positive vibes you get from working on these projects.

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