What’s Hot, What’s Not

Interesting article detailing what companies MS is looking for these days. Here’s a list of what they picked up in just the last year –

Alacris Inc., Ottawa, Ontario: software for smart-card systems.
Apptimum Inc., Sunrise, Fla.: maker of Alohabob PC Relocator products for transferring applications between machines.
DeepMetrix Corp., Gatineau, Quebec: Web site analysis company.
FrontBridge Technologies, Los Angeles: corporate message filtering and scanning services.
GeoTango International Corp., Toronto: 3-D visualization and mapping technologies.
Lionhead Studios, United Kingdom: maker of the “Fable” game for Xbox 360 and Windows.
Massive Inc., New York: in-game online advertising technology.
MotionBridge, Paris: search technology for mobile devices.
Onfolio Inc., Cambridge, Mass.: Web clip and blogging technology.
Seadragon Software, Seattle: image-browsing technology that has been integrated into Microsoft’s Photosynth project.
Teleo Inc., San Francisco: Voice over Internet Protocol software.
Vexcel Corp., Boulder, Colo.: image and remote-sensing technologies to augment Microsoft’s Virtual Earth group.
Whale Communications Ltd., Fort Lee, N.J.: technology for remote access to corporate data and documents.

There isn’t any web 2.0 in there at all. Google is dipping their stick a little deeper into 2.0, but not by much –

Neven Vision: facial and object recognition technologies
@Last Software: 3D design software
Writely: Web-based word processing
Measure Map: A statistics and analytics package geared more towards blogs
dMarc Broadcasting: Radio advertising
Reqwireless, Inc.: mobile applications for email and the web on wireless devices
Android:Software for mobile telephones

While Yahoo! is apparently drinking the Web 2.0 KoolAid

Del.icio.us: social tagging
WhereOnEarth Unlimited: Location based advertising
upcoming.org: Events based service
Konfabulator: JavaScript runtime engine running Widgets
blo.gs: pinging service

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