A Senate staffer — who shall remain nameless here — must have awakened on the wrong side of the bed Monday morning. Said staffer exploded in response to a constituent’s question whether the staffer’s boss was the senator who placed an anonymous hold on S. 2590, the Federal Funding Accountability and Transparency Act.

The constituent was acting in response to a suggestion from Porkbusters.org, which for several days has been encouraging readers to contact their senators and ask if they are behind the anonymous hold that has stopped FFATA, which would make most federal spending public via an Internet database.


The problem here, of course, is that federal spending transparency is anathema for too many Democrats and Republicans in government. They think members of the public ought to keep their noses out of how their tax dollars are being spent by the Potomac potentates at both ends of Pennsylvania Avenue, and all the departments and agencies in between.


The Suspects (alphabetical order, by state)

We need to get this bill passed, I’d suggest everybody reading this get involved and start sending some emails or making some phone calls. I suggested a while back that a publically maintained wiki system might help open up Washington to more scrutiny. Something like that would be impossible without this bill making it into the law books.

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  1. I wish you would name the staffer in question, and his/her boss. Reluctance to name names usually serves the interests of those whose actions *should* be exposed.

    Anyway, this legislation to expose the details of federal spending is desperately needed. Thanks for promoting it.

    Another important measure is the one from DownsizeDC.org that would require members of Congress to read bills before voting on them.

    And yet another important reform would be to use “zero base budgeting,” so that agencies would have to justify their spending from zero each year rather than using the previous year’s budget as the automatic base.


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