Microsoft Max

The new Microsoft Max incorporates news reading now. This has to be the most compelling way of displaying articles from a feed I’ve ever seen. It feels like your reading a online newspaper. I’m amazed. Now why didn’t I think of that? They are using timeline, and the size of the content, including embedded images, to calculate what size ‘news cell’ to place the article in, and how to group the various cells together into larger ‘pages’. Compared to the traditional top down rectangular news view everyone is familiar with, this is light years ahead. Slick. Max apparently makes use of the new “Windows Presentation Foundation” (Avalon) for it’s UI. Man, suddenly all the apps I’m working on just feel so, dated. 🙂 The UI is amazing, check it out.

Everything about this interface is super slick – every button and control has a slight, fade in animation and graphical change for state changes. The graphics and backgrounds are all very rich, every interface control is simple, and clutter free. The app uses a system of main tabs to block out the various areas of functionality – which is the same approach I’m taking in Daisy – although Daisy has a long way to go UI wise before it get this good. I’m also impressed with the new Presentation Foundation, there’s no flicker, and everything redraws smoothly on resize, with components sliding smoothly into place. One of the biggest complaints about Windows Forms I’ve had is the flicker problem on drawing – with presentation foundation this aspect of the user interface has been perfected. Nice.

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