Timeless Albums

“Señores y señoras: nosotros tenemos más influencia con sus hijos que tú tienes, pero los queremos. Creados y regados de Los Ángeles, Juana’s Addicción!”.

Some albums are timeless. Ritual de lo Habitual is one of them. I pull this album out and listen to it every now and again. You wouldn’t think it was 16 years old. “Classic Girl” has to be one the greatest songs ever written.

Ritual was Jane’s Addiction’s 2nd major label release, making it’s debut in the summer of 1990. The album was banned by most major record stores due to “offensive” cover art. Perry Ferrell released an “amended” cover shortly after the first release, which was white and featured the band’s name, the title of the album, and the text of the First Amendment of the Constitution of the United States.

One thought on “Timeless Albums

  1. Jane’s Addiction is one of my favorite bands of all time.
    I saw them live four times, every time they put on one helluva show.
    One time when I saw them in Oregon before they blew up was the best concert I’ve ever seen, and I go to ALOT of shows.

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