Shareware Piracy

While I’ve been doing some work on some of my shareware software, I’ve finally gotten around to analyzing the registration data sent back to my server when someone registers a software product. Interestingly enough most people who purchased either Pop This Pro or Surfbuddy were good honest users. These folks tend to register the software once and never register it again. The piracy rates get thrown off by users who think purchasing a license key gives them the right hand out the software and keys to friends and family. Here are some interesting stats:

Total Piracy Rate: 44.46%

The total piracy rate is the percentage of the total number of registrations on multiple machines using a duplicate key.

Looser Rate: 7.47%

The number of keys purchased by somebone who subsequently handed the key out to a significant number of other users.

Winner Rate: 92.52%

The number of people who registered the software on one or two machines after purchasing a key.

Clearly if I took more draconian measures through a system that invalidates keys once they are used, my income would double. It’s no wonder companies like Microsoft and Adobe have moved to “activation” type licensing systems which accomplish this. I’m definitely going to move to something like this in the future for apps like Daisy.

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  1. this did not give much im totally confused like what do you mean when you say “looser rate” like come on really? be more specific duh! 😛

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