ERBIL, IRAQ – What a difference a year makes.

Sound like a nice place to visit, maybe in a few years. Hopfully the Anabar province will get to this point in time as well. The comments on the post above are also interesting. One thing seems evident – Kurdistan will have a major influence on the region. Funny though, you never hear about areas like this on the news.

Arbil (also written Erbil or Irbil; BGN: Arbīl; Arabic: اربيل‎, Arbīl; Kurdish: هه‌ولێر, Hewlêr; Syriac: ܐܪܒܝܠ, Arbela, Turkish: Erbil) is believed by many to be the oldest continuously-inhabited city in the world and is one of the larger cities in Iraq. The city lies eighty kilometres (fifty miles) east of Mosul. In 2005, its estimated population was 990,000 inhabitants.


There’s another good article on Arbil by the same author over on Reason.

3 thoughts on “Arbil

  1. “This may have already been said, but… I’m not clear what the big deal is, here. Wow, a homogenous group of people (that’d be the Kurds) can live together in perfect harmony without trying to blow each other up. Add a burgeoning middle class funded (I assume) largely by oil revenues, yeah, I can see how that’s a recipe for success. I don’t think you need to go all the way to Baghdad to see some sectarian strife. Kirkuk should be fine.” From today:

  2. Considering Arbil was Saddam’s personal “Kurd slaughter house” prior to his ouster, I think it’s safe to say we are responsible for the positive developments in this area.

  3. Hmmm…a review of a history of the area would not indicate that at all:

    You might be confusing things with the so called “Anfal” which was Hussein’s campaign aganist the Kurds – which never really occured in Arbil in part because of the KDP which was loyal to Saddam.

    Arbil because of its location in the upper northwest corner of Iraq has always been a relatively peaceful and prosperous Kurdish city so as noted its geographical location and the homogeneity of the population can account for its current situation.

    So your comment is a bit overstated. In terms of “we” being responsible one could argue all of this might have occured anyway.

    As I have said before Iraq is a complex “witches brew” and a place where filled with ignorance and hubris we foolish Americans went and we’ll be paying the price for years to come.

    Hoo rah!

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