Body Language

Interesting body language, although it seems they are getting along. Unfortunately Engadget’s blow by blow isn’t very good – nothing compared to their usual detailed blow by blow coverage. It might not be their fault though, sounds like it was pretty free form. Hopefully some video will be up soon, I’m really interested to see the whole thing.

The best part of the technical discussion I’ve read so far is the rich client stuff, one area these two characters can definitely agree on – Gates: “You’re always going to have rich local functionality. It’s about using that together with rich functionality in the cloud.” (No guarantee that’s an original quote.)

Best quote from the fun, banter back and forth side of things: “What’s the greatest misunderstanding about your relationship with each other?”

Steve: “We’ve kept our marriage secret for over a decade.” (yucks)

Bill: “Neither of us have anything to complain about. People come and go in this industry, it’s nice when someone sticks around.”

Gates likes strong competitors.

Engadget commentary: “People, we’re telling you, these guys really respect each other. There’s no doubt about it. There’s a certain, sombre reverence, and profound respect. It just comes through.”

Hmm, maybe both camps could learn something from that, but odds are we’ll probably keep our legs crossed in opposite directions too. 🙂

Update – Here’s some better blow by blow without the commentary, but it’s not complete.

Update – Video

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