When I was in Portugal, Laura and I were traveling around so much we really didn’t have time to stop and listen to the music. The nice thing about my stay in Amsterdam after my trek through Portugal was that it gave me a chance to well, relax, chill, and think.

The hipsters in this town all wear identical shoes.

Free World!

Conservationalist Extremism. Nothing wrong with that.


Some people like to make New Years resolutions at the beginning of the year. Personally, I prefer Amsterdam resolutions – you know, the kind you’ll make on the tail end of an eight hour acid trip filled with heavy drug induced self analysis and introspection? Somehow these resolutions just carry a little more weight.

I don’t visit Amsterdam that often. Somewhere along the line I came to the conclusion that the few brain cells I have left are worth preserving. But it’s nice to return occasionally for the opportunity to experience a truer form of personal freedom than what we have in the United States today. Something to work towards I suppose. Politicians claim that if soft drugs were legal, everybody would be doing them. I don’t buy it. I don’t think our politicians give us enough credit. We’re all flawed in their view and it’s their responsibility to protect us from ourselves. Whatever. What I think we really need is protection from the politician’s intrusion into our lives.

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  1. Well, on civil liberties I’m really pretty libertarian, which ironically might make me a little more liberal than the average Democrat in some areas. I think you probably are too in some respects. I disagree with the Democrats on some issues in this area, for example gun control, anti-smoking laws, sin taxes, and discriminatory legislation such as affirmative action. Economically I’m a capitalist and hence, conservative. On foreign policy I also tend to be fairly conservative. I’m also a pretty strict constitutionalist. So I guess if I had to sum things up – I think I represent the best of both worlds. 😛

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