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A Call for an Icon

Cpw is in need of an application icon. A really really cool application icon. Due to the OpenGL logo's dimensions it does not work well. It also does not have much pizazz. If you are a 3d icon artist god (or know one) and would like to submit an icon for Cpw, mail your submissions / links / info or whatever to jim. (nospam address) Thanks!

Cpw Recent News

Feb 26, 2002

New release uploaded. Includes some fixes to a few minor things. Also there is a new CygWin makefile and the library successfully compiles under that environment. Thanks to Jose A. Alburquerque for the CygWin work!

Feb 24, 2002

New release uploaded. Includes some fixes in the win32 adapter for window positioning and a couple new / mods to the window control api. (cpwMaximizeWindow, cpwFullscreenWindow, cpwRestoreWindow, cpwStandardWindow)

Removed reliance on the OpenGL AUX library for loading bitmap files.

Added a new port of the very cool SGI 'newwave' demo.

Added ARB_multitexture and EXT_fog_coord extension support using the Cpw extension add-on to the lightmap and volumetric fog demos.

Feb 20, 2002

New release uploaded. Includes a fix for the fullscreen bug, Direct Input mouse support added for Win32, and a couple new demos including a fullscreen tunnel demo.

Feb 10, 2002

New release uploaded with various bug fixes, BMP and TGA image loading and screen shot support.

Feb 2002

News section added to the web site.