Thurrott on Google Pack

While virtually every computer company on earth is scared to death of Google, and virtually every PC user seems to be in love with them, Google Pack serves nicely as a reality check. Not only is Google human, buts the flaws in Google Pack suggest that this company has a long, long way to go before it can ever justify its insanely lofty stock price. Google Pack is a mixed bag of applications, some useful and some not, though virtually all are deficient in some way as packaged here. I applaud Google for trying to make the PC experience simpler and more secure, but shipping out-of-date security products is even worse than not shipping them at all, because users will get a false sense of security and believe they’re protected when in fact they are not. Google Pack is still in beta, so the more glaring issues can be fixed by a final release, if there is one. But this initial version of Google Pack is an embarrassment to the company. It’s just a mess.

Filled with links to a number of applications that surpass those offered in GPack.


4 thoughts on “Thurrott on Google Pack

  1. There is also the fact most everything Google has done except for Google itself seems to be in a perpetual state of “beta” somehow leaving us with piles of software that they can simply cut lose or shirk the responsibility for finessing with the words “Its only a beta”.

  2. The problem here is that ‘beta’ doesn’t mean a darn thing to your average user. All they know is that Google released some new software (out of date virus protection and a poor substitute for ms anti-spyware) and now they think their computers are protected. That’s unacceptable in my opinion. But really, it’s Google’s reputation that will be undone by poor product releases like this. If your a Google lover that’s something you should be concerned with, as should Google. Which is why this crummy software pack surprised me so.

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