Resume – James Mathies


Twenty six years of experience in the software industry: twenty years developing code, six years managing software development teams.


Software development team management, data analysis and data driven decision making, new products development. I enjoy roles that bridge the gap between senior leadership and engineering.


Languages – ANSI C, C++, JavaScript, Python
Platforms – Windows, MacOS, Linux, Android
Frameworks & APIs – Gecko, Windows API, COM, OpenGL
Tools & Methods – Re:dash, Google Docs, Trello, Bugzilla, Jira, Github, Mercurial, Scrum


Mozilla (2007 – current)

Currently hold the position of Senior Engineering Manager (one level below Director).

Graphics, Media Playback, Conferencing Team(s) Manager (2021 – current) – Currently managing rendering, media playback, and video conferencing related teams.

Scope – 27 engineers, Product and cross-team collaboration

Graphics Team Manager (2020 – 2021) – Organized and accelerated shipping a new Rust based graphics pipeline, a long running back-end re-architecture. Increased visibility within the organization about the team’s current work and schedule. Worked with the team to develop a next gen roadmap concentrating on visual quality and performance.

Scope – 14 engineers, Product and cross-team collaboration

Payments Team Manager (2020) – Managed a four person team exploring payments related features in Firefox. Worked with Product and Business Development to scope out a payments related roadmap, coordinated with 3rd-parties interested in integration, shipped credit card and address auto-fill capabilities in Firefox.

Scope – 4 engineers, Product & Bis Dev collaboration

WebExtensions Engineering Team Manager (2019) – Managed the engineering team responsible for development and maintenance of Firefox’s extension system.

Scope – 4 engineers, Product and cross-team collaboration

Install / Update Team Manager (2018 – 2019) – Management of the team responsible for install and update infrastructure in Firefox.

Scope – 4 engineers, Product collaboration

Sandbox and Hardening Security Team Manager (2017 – 2019) – Initially given responsibility over four engineers working on implementing sandbox process security. Expanded the scope of the team to include exploit response, Gecko platform hardening, 3rd-party injection mitigation, and security bug triage. Built the team out to 14 engineers and trained two junior managers.

Scope – 14 engineers, 2 managers

Electrolysis Project Tech Lead (2014 – 2016) – Tech lead for process separation, a complex re-architecture of the Gecko platform for supporting multiple processes dedicated to specific tasks. Ran standups, prioritized specific engineering tasks, tracked rollout, developed release criteria, software development.

Scope – 14 engineers, collaboration with multiple teams

Metro Firefox Project Tech Lead (2011 – 2014) – Tech lead for Metro Firefox, a tablet based interface for Firefox in support of Windows 8 Metro. Initial design, development, and coordination with other teams, ran standups, prioritized specific engineering tasks, developed release criteria, software development.

Scope – 3 engineers, Product and cross-team collaboration

Various other development areas and projects – Key contributor to Gecko platform integration, Out-of-process plugins, Windows Vista and 7 integration, and plugin support.

VeriSign (2002 – 2007)

Senior Software Engineer – Worked within the Advanced Products Research Group investigating new product and service opportunities. Responsibilities included new product research and prototyping, design, development, and maintenance of numerous Windows applications and services.

1995 – 2002

Worked as a software engineer in Silicon Valley, through individual contracts and full-time employment. Some highlights listed below.

Sega (1999) – Development of a multi-player gaming framework for the Sega Dreamcast console.

Looksmart (1999) – Back end development of search service related features.

Frog Design (1998 – 1999) – Worked full-time as the lead developer/network administrator for the San Francisco office. Worked closely with clients and project managers in assembling resources and developing project schedules and budgets. Managed consultants hired to work on projects. Software development.

Prophet Communications (1997 – 1998) – Worked full-time as the lead developer/network administrator for a creative web design firm. Company purchased by Frog Design.

Dedicated Net Machines (1996 – 1997) – Responsible for the hardware engineering and software development of a public internet access kiosk for a Virginia based startup. Developed company’s kiosk user interface and networking software for Windows NT, server side kiosk monitoring software, and defined and managed kiosk hardware design and development.

Prior Work

SymNet Inc. (1995 – 1996) – Co-owner of a small ISP / software consulting firm based in Tallahassee Florida.