Apple Expo

Just some early morning musings on what emerging new trend Apple might set today. Maybe nothing, maybe it’ll just be the first Mactel based machines, and a couple new iPods. It’s about time Jobs did something about Apple’s desktop market share anyway – it’s been in the dumps for 15 years and even Jobs can’t seem to help lift it. Some new Intel based desktop hardware might be the ticket, although, a change in hardware doesn’t really fix the Apple desktop market share problem now does it? The problem there is Apple, not the hardware. Maybe it’s the colored Shuffle? Not likely. The Shuffle was dead out of the gate, replaced by the uber-cool Nano. Hmm, maybe a colored Nano? Yaaawwwn.

So I have to wonder… maybe they will do something completely off the wall, totally new? How about a a Mactel based PVR? That seems to be in the buzz. It certainly seems possible, Jobs has already said he has no interest in this space (yeah right) and he has the nads to try and break into a space filled with established players. Plus, if Apple did a PVR, I’m sure they would put a new, killer twist on it. (A win-win scenario for the consumer.) I’m not sure if they could compete on price – Tivos are dirt cheap these days and they have as much buzz as Apple’s iPod. Plus Apple would have to play some serious catch-up in the technology arena – beautiful living room MCEs are being built with all the bells and whistles, Vista has CableCard support, and the new Tivo Series 3 is right around the corner. A Mac Mini PVR with no HD or CableCard support and a small drive? Not going to cut it.

What’s a guy like Jobs to do? Maybe he announces a deal with Tivo on a new MacTivo? Naaa. Jobs likes to play alone, in his own personal sandbox. So maybe, just maybe, they announce the purchase of Tivo? Hmmm. Now that would be cool. Google’s not interested, Sergey and Page are too busy Jumping the Shark, and Tivo was uncharacteristically quite at CES this year. Who knows? Buying an established company instead of competing isn’t exactly Apple’s style, but getting a hold of the Tivo userbase? well, there’s some value there. I’m probably being overly optimistic. Yep. A couple new iPods and some Mactel machines. Maybe a Mac Mini with Front Row. That’s probably about it. Yawn.

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