OSX Securty Post Mortem

Well I probably should have expected the Mac crowd to come out en force in response to my recent post on OSX security. All I have to say is… Mac users, welcome to the edge of the security spotlight. Organizations like Secunia thrive on publicizing security exploits. I’ve been hammered by “according to Secunia..” quotes for a while now. Overall, you probably don’t enjoy reading security reports which fail to describe how it takes a user’s intervention to ‘make something happen’, or how the user has to obliviously allow their system to be exploited. In general, Apple probably hasn’t had to deal with this situation yet, but Microsoft has. My suggestion – batten down the hatches. I’ll bet there’s a whole slew of exploits in OSX that haven’t been found yet.

Steve, your right, Windows has been ‘catching up’ on security for quite a while. I’m not going to defend Microsoft’s old security record, we all know how bad it is. But I’d say they are on top of it now, which is only going to help push OSX farther into the hacker spotlight. This may well be the reason why OSX seems to have become more of a target as of late, and I’m not sure I’d categorize OSX’s performance as up to the task, but who knows how many exploits failed to take hold that we don’t know about.

I should point out, I don’t want to see things go back to the days of around 2000, where every other email I receive contained some sort of zip file loaded with malware, just to see OSX falter on security. Hopefully the next 98 isn’t OSX. If better security in OSX today will prevent that, great. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see.

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