Ok, before the anti-Microsofties out there get all worked up into a lather: Live Clipboard is not a Microsoft specific thing associated with Windows Live. Keep this in mind.

What is it? Simply put, it’s a way (through JavaScript) of copying and pasting microformats in and out of web pages. That’s it. Nothing more. And it’s fracking brilliant! A huge problem with desktop to web integration and web to web integration is data sharing. Using Microformats, you can share data in a structured way. Check out the demos, copy a live clipboard record and pop it into a text editor. Bang, there’s your data in a microformat. Neat! There are some issues with resolving identical records, but I think a solution to this is forthcoming through distributed identity services. Currently there’s a lot of work being done related to Uri based individual identity. In time, these services can support identity for more than just individuals, they can support identity for places, events and things.

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